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Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US
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Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US Bettye Muller Womens Bmb-Ruby Ballet Flat, Black, 9 M US

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Determined to break bread and personal records, Three Run Two accepts all levels of runners.
Three Run Two’s membership ranges from first-time runners to accomplished ultramarathoners.
Through running, members explore the uncharted areas of the Logan Square neighborhood that are often overlooked.

Photos courtesy of Three Run Two

Are you a runner? Do you love the social aspects of running groups?Have you been looking for such a running group here in Logan Square? Well, look no further than Three Run Two —the Logan Square-based neighborhood running group.

Meeting Thursdays at 7:15 pm in front of Dunlays on the Square ( Demonia Click 02 1 Womens Mary Jane Flats Blk Canvas czj0n
,3137 W. Logan Blvd.), the groupruns a3.5- or 6-mile route along the Vans Unisex SK8Hi Reissue Americana Dress Blues VN0ZA0GYD IQu8Oc8NnD
.Welcoming runners of all experience levels, the group combines socialcamaraderiewith running and socializing. Most nights you can find the group going out for dinner and a drink after runs.

Three Run Two also meets Tuesday mornings at 5:45 amin front of Dark Matter Coffeeon Chicago and Western. Runners choose between a 3- or 5-mile route that takes the groupthrough West Town. Although Tuesdays are a bit more rushed than Thursdays since most membershave to work in the morning, there’s still timeto chat and grab some coffee.

Founded to Inspire Through Running

Founded this past January by Logan Square residents Nicolas Bernal,Micaela Bernal andAlexander Gonzales, Three Run Two is a manifestation of passion for self improvement, community and cultural awareness through running.

“[Last year] was a great year for me in regard to training and racing. I was on a constant runner’s high and felt the need to share my passion for running with others. In particular, a select group of lifelong friends who did not run much at the time,” says Nicolas Bernal.“My sister, Micaela, took some time off after the 2012 Chicago Marathon due to injury. Toward the end of the year, she was itching to get the ball rolling again. This group was a great re-entry point for her.”

The Bernals teamed up with Gonzalez, who has always been active and interested in running with a group.“Our ultimate idea was to make running accessible to runners of all experience levels,” says Bernal.

Three Run Two’s membership ranges from first-time runners to accomplished ultramarathoners. The group doesn’tdefine themselves solely by speed or distance. As a decidedly diverse crew, they celebrate eachother’s differences by breaking bread and personal records and striving to be good sports, bothon and off the field.

“I started running with [Three Run Two] because I needed a little extra push to keep running in the winter months,” says Crystal Pierce, 29, who’s been running with the group since January.“It is hard to motivate your self to run in ice and snow alone, so the added accountability of running with the team helped to get me out the door. Now I see Three Run Two as part of my extended family. We all have similar goals and know how important running is to one another. We also know how to have a good time!”

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Repeat a design across and down. Make a nice effect.

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Unique effect to create copies of your designs, including lettering, for neat effects on large spaces.

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